Friday, June 12, 2009

A Poem for the Students (Updated)

When we teach with our best.... Yon said you don’t understand
When we try to explain….. You said “Never Mind, I still don’t understand”
When we repeat and repeat again…. You said it is boring

When we give you tutorial….. You said you have did it
When we checked and found none….. You said you have submitted
When we checked and checked again….. You said you have forgotten

When we give you assignment….. You said you are going to do it
When we ask how many percent is completed….. You said you have not started yet
When we ask you to submit…. You said “Sir, Can you extend the deadline?”

When we ask you to write a report….. You searched the Internet
When we ask you to reference….. You said, “I will remember”
When we mark your report….. You “copy-and-paste” from the web

When we ask you not to read newspaper in the class….. You fall asleep
When we hear you snoring….. You said you are tired and sick
When we ask why are you so tired..... Your friends said you are gaming and chatting the whole night

When we ask you to stop talking in the class….. You are angry
When we scold you..... You talk even louder
When we ask you to leave the class….. You said I have paid for the class

When we ask 'where are you?'..... Your friends said you having your meal in the canteen
When we are about to finish..... You sneak into the class quietly
When we are about to leave the room..... You beg "Sir, please mark my attendance"

When we mark your attendance….. You are not there
When we send you an absenteeism letter….. You give us excuses
When we bar you from final exam….. You cried and said “Sir, please let me sit for the exam”

When we nag you….. You thought we are just like parrots
When we tell you what to do….. You are not listening
When you fail your exam….. You said we are not good

Written by Alex Wong